Choose California for Retirement, by John Howells, Don Merwin, and Joseph Lubow

Guilford, CT: The Globe-Pequot Press
252 pages, maps, index, $14.95 Choose California For Retirment

Retirement today is a cornicopia of choices for people of all economic andsocial groups. While our parents spent their "golden years" at home or in a condo in Florida, today's retirees are looking for more opportunites to take in a new world.

Choose California, by John Howells, Don Merwin and Joseph Lubow, one of the books in the Choose Retirement Series of Globe-Pequot Press, has many communities that are ideal for retirees of every stripe. Descriptions of scenic, vibrant places, as well as essential information about the resources and activities available in these areas, allows you to make an informed decision about selecting California as your ideal location to enjoy an affordable, active, and safe retirement.

The book divides California into eleven geographical areas.

  1. The San Diego Area
  2. The Desert
  3. The Los Angeles Area
  4. The Central Coast
  5. The San Francisco Bay Area
  6. The Wine Country
  7. The Sacramento Valley
  8. The Gold Country
  9. The Sierra Nevada
  10. The North Coast
  11. The Northern Mountains

Over 70 communities have been visited and studied for information on real estate, medical care, recreation, culture, climate--even what to do with the grandkids when the come for a visit. Visit towns as small as a few hundred people or metropoli as huge as Los Angeles and San Diego. From the heat of Chico and Brawley to the cool dense redwood towns of Arcata and Mendocino, California has more possible living situations than anywhere else in the United States.

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