Choose a College Town for Retirement, by Joseph Lubow

Guilford, CT: The Globe-Pequot Press
330 pages, maps, $14.95 Choose a College Town for Retirement

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Retirement can be a time of growth or adventure, or complete and utter relaxation Where you spend your retirement years, no matter how you may define them, has to be a place that fulfills your ideal and meets your changing needs.

Choose a College Town introduces you to sixty-four college and/or university towns in twenty-nine states across the United States. Each town offers a distinct community, its major focus being at least one college or university that offers opportunities for adult learners. In addition the towns have quality medical care, a thriving cultural center, and a vibrant cultural life. Physical activities, from bodies of water to mountains and everything in between are also explored.

You'll discover lively, interesting towns across the climate spectrum. Essential information about the resources in these areas allows you to make informed decisions about selecting an affordable, academically focused environment that could enhance your concept of retirement.

The book can also be of value to parents of college-age children who want to know more about the town of the prospective college. And for the traveler, Choose a College Town offers insight into the terrain, climate and lifestyle of the towns they will be visiting.

The book divides the United States into seven geographical areas.

  1. The New England States
  2. The Middle Atlantic States and West Virginia
  3. The South
  4. The Great Plains States
  5. The Four Corners States
  6. The Northwest
  7. California


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